Pet Training

Pet Training may be one of the most tedious things to do in WYD. Since the WYD has come out with better drop rates for both eggs and ess alike, it is easier now for players to raise and train their mounts. If you have any great training spots, or dont care to train at all but know a few, drop a line, and help someone out with their mounts.

Edited 8/6/08

After getting your baby to lvl 100, just as I did with my fenrir (thats why Im updating) than you can grow it to an adult. After this, you may use ess on it to grow it even further to get the better MAP increase and DMG increase. Great way to get your MAP up. Costly though. 😀


One Response to “Pet Training”

  1. We appreciate if you update your blog.. so you can win 3 laks again and have a chance to win the grand prize at the end of the event ^^

    -CM Dhar

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