Hunting has been the best way to earn money since the coming of WYD. All who have found ways to find items to sell have kept them secret and prefer not to tell. However, I am going to take this time to share the wealth with those players who are needing the “info”. Everyone knows that the tarons or the hell spiders are the best place to hunt in the dessert or anywhere else. But not every player can deal with the extreme damage these monsters deal at such low levels. Therefore, there are many other places worth farming. There is always the skeleton knights that drop quest tickets (now since the server upgrade to .52) makes hunting these items worth while. Beginners will find that killing trolls will also prove as a benefit when it comes to the ori scrap drops from the random ancient carbuncles or gremlins that come strolling by every once in a while.

If you feel as though you have another great hunting spot that might benefit smaller, lower level players, or maybe even those higher lvl players that have yet to find a decent hunting spot. Than please, feel free to post your findings here.



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