Q&A Part II

Hey guys and Gals,

Many may have questions about the game and I am willing to  help 😀

There is much about the game that I am still confused about, I can admit that. But this thread is not for me alone to answer questions. This thread and blog is for the public to see and post on willingly. I am simply the investigator of the matter. 🙂

Here are some questions that I have been asked in my duty of an OP for USA.

Beginner Questions

1. How do I level up faster in the game?

A. Leveling is quite easy in the game if you know how to do it. Joining an Academy or a Guild is the best  bet for any beginner player. Its all just a matter of time and patience from then.

2. How do I get better Armour or Weapons?

A. Upon Leveling, you aquire different levels of armour. There are 3 armours sent to your cargo which include the B, C, and D class armours. All of which are gifted with the stat based upon your skills that you put your points in ( Ex. Str, Int, Dex, & con).

3. How do I make money?

A. As stated in an earlier blog, it is quite difficult to make money at the early stages of a player. Hunting is the best way to make money. Of course, more experienced players that are gifted with the knowledge of the items in the game and their prices, have found a way to make money by marketing other items from people.

Advanced/Experienced Questions

1. How do I get a Red or Blue cape?

A. At level 221 you are given the choice to choose between Hakeloth or the Akelonian kingdoms. Finding this area is as simple as going to the waters entrance and simply walking southward until crossing a bridge. Shortly after, while continueing South, you should walk through a gate. Following the color of the cape you want on the ground to the entrance. After finding the king which is located in the highest building up a single flight of stairs, talk to the knight leader which is located either to the left or the right of the pillars. Finding the emblem and wielding it while talking to the king will grant you with the cape.

Caution: Attacking any warrior inside the gates will more than likely kill you. 😀

2. How do I train a Mount?

A. This here is the most tedious task in the game. Depending on the type of mount you are wanting to train, each mount has a different max level that must be reached in order to get the full benefits from it. The mount starts in an egg form which must be wielded in the mount box. This must be done to hatch the egg. The critcal incubation will lower by 1 count every hour you are logged on with the egg in your mount slot. After the critical incubation has reached 0, you must use an Ori powder to start over until the “expected incubation time”  reaches 0. Than while attacking monsters with your mount, it will grow lvls as he kills monsters.

*(Compressed version of mount training using “NELL”)*

A~. If you have Aquired coins which must be purchased online from the Offical WYD website, you can go to “Nell” and buy a hatch excelerator for every “expected incubation time” this will count off a lot of wasted time. Each Hatch excelerator only costs 200 WYD coins and in my opinion is well worth not spending 49 hours trying to hatch a fenrir. After the egg is hatched, mount training continues as normal.

Any Q&A is more than likely to be added to or removed. If you have any questions regarding the game than please post it on the page ASAP and I will look into it with my utmost ability as an OP.




4 Responses to “Q&A Part II”

  1. thats awesome man keep up the good work on helping the new people

  2. yeah awesome….. hope your blogging continues after the competition… rewards awaits the deserving wydian ^^

  3. dude nice blog i bet it took some time but again awsome job man!

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