350 Quests worth doing

I know a lot of people get caught up in leveling up and feel as though that should take priority. On the contrary, doing quests can become quite helpful in the long run. In this blog/thread I will be stating numerous quests worth taking time to accomplish.

“Conquering Orc Castle” is a short quest that grants extra skill points allowing you to learn more skills. After killing the Orc Lord, you are granted with this item. Lower level players also do this quest and collect the pills to sell to players for 90k who have not done the quest. Great way to make money!

“Ceremony to Apprentice Knighthood” is another short quest that is located in the South parts of the Azran field. By killing the Taurs King you will obtain the apprentice emblem. Wield it in your cape slot and talk to the trainer inside the cage to obtain the cape. The cape grants you with extra defense and health which makes this quest worth while.

“God’s Garden”/”Ressurection of the Dark Knight”/ “Immortality of Hydras”/”Beginning of Unhappiness”

These four quests are what people get involved in during game play. People will refer to parties as “exp shares”. Thus meaning that after they aquire the item in either one of these quests that grants experience, everyone in the party is also granted a portion of what the original sum of exp was. These are Great quests to try to be a part of. However, now since the new update to WYD, quest tickets are no longer possible to buy from NPC’s that are located around the kingdoms. Therefore, hunting parties are formed to find these tickets. Or they are more than likely sold in Svr2.

“Gargoyle’s Molar Tooth” By completing this quest, you are granted the gargoyle molare which increases all equipe armour to +6 (If not Already). This is probably the most important quest that should be a made a priority to do once lvl 201 is reached. If this quest is not done than you will miss out on a lot of bonuses onto your armours and you will be spending a lot of money on Ori powders to upgrade your armours. 😀

“Knight of Kingdom” Last but not least. this quest is by far one of the most exciting for me. This was a time where I could get rid of that nasty puke green cape and finally get my hands on one of the fashionable red of blue capes. These further your defense and Health increase. This quest is as simple as talking to the kingdom squire on the left as you entire the Kings hall. After getting teleported to an area full of “Death Knight Kings” and “Death Knights”, you will need to kill the Kings in order to get the emblem. Afte aquiring the emblem you will need to talk to the king with the emblem equiped to get the new cape. The color of the cape is based on the road you follow to the side. Red is to the left and blue is to the right depending on how your camera is pointed.


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