The Life as a “Player”

This picture took us about 25 trys to get it right.

Just thought I should throw that one out there.


Every player in WYD has their own strategy. Whether it be in PvP, or just in normal quests. Nonetheless, every player has their own strategy. Well, mine; I’d have to kill ya if I told ya.


Players are respected by others based on their interest in helping others. I’ve noticed as an OP that players tend to not go for a certain individual if they are not helped personally. Of course not everyone can help every single player of the game. Patience is an attribute that I wish every player had. However, us OP’s/CM’s/GM’s are not that gifted.

J/K, we love you all, and would be more than willing to help any player. For those who are reading this now, my shift time is 19:00:00-22:00:00 server time if anyone would like to be recruited and/or helped out in the game.

So as short as this thread is and meaningless as it may be to you, there is a moral behind it. Think about how you would feel if you were rejected the help you needed in the game to help better yourself. Some where made to find out on their own, (good for you). However, some are not able to do this. Therefore, put yourself in their shoes befoe you make a mockery of them and high tail it out of there. 😀

That means you “Cele’s”




One Response to “The Life as a “Player””

  1. very well said -Soloran- ^^;;

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