Academy’s and Guild’s

Im hoping that by saying this, I will grab the attention of the few viewers that check these blogs. While focusing on Academy’s the most being as you can say in one until level 370, this is the easiest and best way to level. Of course you dont get drops from monsters, you forfeit the wasted time auto “CC”ing and enjoy the friendly waters that are given to anyone with a particular country tag by the left side of their name.

In order to join an Academy, there are certain times that they all recruit on certain servers. Now with the fourth server, its a bit more confusing to locate a unified Academy. Of course you could always pay attention to the Global players using the shouts that are given to them for recruiting purposes.

Once you have joined an Academy, things become much easier for you. You get to participate in waters that happen 4 times a day, (time will be posted at the end of the post*). Along with the waters(15), you also get to participate in Team battles inside the Armia PK Arena which can be found in the Northern part of Armia. These happen every week on Thursday-Friday at 10:00 Pm depending on your time zone.

There are other benefits to having an Academy such as experience shares and others. But I cant tell you everything, it would take the fun out of it now wouldnt it?

Hope it helps!


Recruitment (server)Times are as follows:






My shift

These are an every day thing so dont miss out. With recruitment comes waters, so sign up ASAP.



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