Extreme Debate

I know that most everyone has the same intentions in this whole blog event which would be to help almost everyone in the game. Fact of the matter is, is that most players dont take the time of day to read our blogs due to the fact that this is currently just an event. When out blogs become bigger and more up to date, and people start to talk, they will start to draw a crowd. Until than, the only people reading these blogs are both winners to see their competition and the GM’s/CM’s. Therefore I have come up with an idea. 😆

I will be the first one in this blog event to open up a debate. Im hoping that by doing this, that it will bring some more attention to my blog along with others.

I will have many debates on the blog such as conversations about OP’s or even GM’s. And lets not forget those Sneaky lil CM’s who appear without notice. (Cough Cough *Dhar*)


None the less, these debates can be found on the left side of my blog as a link that will direct you to numerous blogs that you can see how people react to what is being said.

Dont miss out though, the first debate will be about things that should or should not be added into the next WYD patch. This may be a long time away but this gives the WYD staff some time to think of ways to make these things happen. Something one of you say could change WYD for good.



7 Responses to “Extreme Debate”

  1. yay, thank you!!!! 😀

  2. grats soloran, im waiting for a hot debate. xD

  3. kakorate18 Says:

    Well I must say I am envious of you Soloran, I really wish I could get some extra laks. haha No but really, I think you probably have the best blog out of everyone, I normally try to read each of your posts and I think you will have no problem winning the grand prize. (Especially since the CM’s definitely love you *cough cough*) lol jk Anyways as to what I think on the debate…I really like the gamble cube, eventhough you can just as easily lose a lot of money as gain it, I think they could use some more chance games, but instead of winning money, you win items depending on how much you risk. Also I really wish they would have more drop events, where special items are dropped, perhaps even bringing back the treasure boxes. (I still have 2 in my storage) lol

    Once again, great blog!

  4. Well for one thank for the confidence in the blog. I know there are some good ones out there, and Im not getting my hopes up. This is no time for me to slack up either. I want that grand prize just as much as anyone else. Nonetheless, I still try to help out that fellow player.

    Anyways, I think where you were going about the money cube was right. I won 5m off of one today so I like them. But until I loose big, I will continue to like them. 😀

    About the drops, I think that the common drops from monsters are poor. And hoping to find a monster with good drops is slim to none. And if you do, the chances of that particular monster dropping again, is once again, slim to none. I hope the GM’s actually do end up reading this, maybe they will recieve some valuable info on what to add into their next patch.

    Thank you all for reading thus far.


  5. Hamster-Heal Says:

    WOW way to go -Soloran-. You hav this in the bag. Even if people try to compete against your blog by doing similar things it will be obvious they took it from your blog. I like the idea about drops. Even in desert when hunting for laks i usually get nothing. I hunted 5 nights in a row and got only one lak and a few oris.

    I also think GMs should put some new war type thing in for academies. I think it would be fun and it would be a great idea to make a town or something similar nothing big or even something inside each of the towns for the academies to bid and have war over like the guild war.

    Ok well good luck Solo and good luck on wining

  6. Thank you Hammy 😀

    I think a new additive to the War for academies would be pretty cool. I also think that if they had some more NPC gambling games, that would also be a little more fun for some players. (I shouldnt say “some more” when there really is no NPC gambling game.)


    Thanks again

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