Hunting Part II

Many now have found hunting more worth doing since the Patch. I woud undoubtably have to agree with them. Perfect armour tend to drop more now since the update and sell for a bit of gold. If you ever happen to end up in the azran field followed from Armia, try to Auto CC for a good hour or so just to see what you may come up with. You never know you may come acrossed an Ancient Carbuncle or something of the sort. They normally drop scraps that sell for 200k. You might be suprised as to what you might find.



3 Responses to “Hunting Part II”

  1. Hey i was wondering how to enter this contest. Also i was wondering where some good hunting spots r to make some money fast. I’m trying to become a god and need a way to make money fast. Thanks

  2. Kingbob, i know you personally in-game and can suggest only one thing. I found it quite easy to hunt ori and lak scraps to make powders and sell them. but than i was always tempted to use them. So than I just moved onto hunting smaller enemies that didnt give exp but a mas load of items. In witch i found decent items at times. Like I said before, there is no sure fire way of making money fast. None that I know of anyways, however, it all depends on your drop rate increase in each server.


    Hope this helps

  3. Hamster-Heal Says:

    A good way to make money fast is to hunt cursed or ds. It is hard to do if you can not dual log or you do no thave two computers. Ill show you where these are but you need a summoner and a high lvl/high dmg char for each. If your interested pm me ingame and ill show you where these are.


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