Step By Step Leveling Guide

Okay guys, lets get to it.

Leveling is a complicated matter in the world of WYD whether you would want to believe it or not. After level 130, it becomes increasingly hard to level on any normal monster located around Armia, which forces you to go to the other towns. In this post, Im going to explain step by step, at what level and where you should train your character.

LVL 1 ~ 50: At this level, you should be in the training field. Until you reach lvl 50 and are kicked out automatically, my suggestion would be to stay in here until 50. It would be wise to move onto the next level of the training grounds every 10 lvls you grow. Stay in the first area until 20. Than move on through the door to the next one, talking to the carbuncle. After lvl 30, move onto the next one, so on and so forth.

LVL 50 ~ 100: After getting to lvl 50, you should exit Armia( via. town gates as shown in the “SS”)(1). After exiting the town, you should follow north a bit by coming acrossed a small little down over run by gremlins. While killing a few on your way to your destination, you should follow the mount range until it ends(2). Before the ending of the mountains though, you should see a stone circle which should indicate that your on the right path(3). After passing the stone circle and ending up at the end of the mountains you should stumble upon a path that should lead you to some kinggremlins and archerorcs, passed the, there should be a bridge with a gap between another bridge(4). Follow the bridge and you should have finally reached your destination of Archer Orcs and Orcwarriors(5). Train here until lvl 100.

Coordinates: X: 2360/Y: 2255

LVL 100 ~ 150: After leveling at those designated coordinates you can finally move onto something new, but not after obtaining the lvl 101 apprentice cape. After getting to lvl 100, you should return to Armia either by a recall scroll which will return you to your last known city that you visited, or just by simply relogging in. From there you should move to the southern parts of Armia by Aki and the Cargo Gaurd and exit via teleport pad to Azran field(1). There you will encounter numerous trolls which you should fight until lvl 150. However, there is always a faster way to do things. Throughout this whole leveling tutorial, you can choose to do quest tickets. Nonetheless, there is a spot in azran field where the Trolls prefer to gather. There is a stone structure located by the “Bless of the God” quest. There you will find the stone structure.

Coordinates: X: 2655/Y: 2023

LVL 150 ~ 200: At this level, its very hard to grow without having to do waters with an Academy. I would strongly suggest that if you have not gotten into an academy by now, than you should do so ASAP. Nonetheless, you can still level by yourself. To do so, you can exit Armia via Teleport pad as you did the last 50 lvls and move east into the wooden barrackaded area and going into the dungeon. The enmies here are not as tuff as they may seem, but the best way would be to work your way back as you feel fit on stronger enemies. However, do not take the monsters in the farthest depths lightly, they are a little bit tougher but drops are more rewarded with patience.

LVL 200 ~ 400: These levels should be dealt with among your academy. lvl 200-255 is no big deal but once past that 255 mark, you should continue to do water (n) scrolls with your academy. Either that or you shoudl buy Wcoins from Nell to purchase water (m) scrolls and use those.

I hope this guide has helped those who are reading. Those who arent, well, no comment. 😀

Thank you for reading, and look for the debates posted on the right and tell he viewers how you feel about the topics.



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