Lecture 101′

Not to be confused with the 101 Dalmations those of you from the USA and know what Im talking about.


Nonetheless, this post will not be a lecture. It will actually consist of facts of the characters that are in WYD.

Foema: Loved by all and feared by most. This class of characters is normally based around Int. Powerful yet with weak def. these characters are yet a formidable opponent. With their Mana control skill, they can transfer half of their MP to their HP making them even harder still to eliminate.

Transknight: An honorable character, yet with their close ranged attacks, whether they be Int. based or Str. based you would want to make the battle as long range as possible if it in your best interest. Double crossing these characters is not the smoothest of mistakes made by many.

Beastmasters: A character not taken lightly when it comes to hunting. These are by far the best hunting characters. “KS” is a common term known to these characters however. Nonetheless, with their ability to summon creatures of the wild to fight on their side, its as though your fighting an unfair battle, 7Vs1 i would seem.

Hunters: Their names live up to their expectations. In accordance to the Foema, they too are a ranged character. These characters are mostly based on Str. and Dex. and with the right build, 800 or so Dex. makes these characters one of the hardest to kill if played right. These too are great hunting Char. in the field. Just set the C.C. to auto attack and let em rip! 😀

Just a little background info on the characters. Maybe there should be one more added. For as long as I can remember it has always been these four. Hmmmm, something to think on GM’s 😯


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