Whats a “GOD”

Well guys, im glad you asked. Gods can range from the normal class such as Foema, Beastmaster, Transknight, and even the Hunter.

These classes all consist of the same skills. The only set back to the God along with the Cele’ God is that the leveling to the char is much harder than the mortal. It takes a lot of patience or a lot of money to buy the Water (M) scrolls. Until the GM come out with the water (A) scrolls, it will be much harder until than.

Based on your level during your transition into a God, you will acquire more stat points and skill points. Thus helping you do more dmg. Gods are not allowed to wield E class armour which is yet another set back. These characters however, are a respected class or players due to the difficulty of transending into one. Gods are looked up to as skilled and knowledgable players. The Cele’ Gods too are looked up to as experienced players.

To turn into a God you need the following things:

Sephiroth( Type of char. Class)

Pheonix & Unicorn Emblem

10 saphires

* Forgive me if Im off on the info about the god. It has been a while since I have turned into one. 😀



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