Why WYD should be a “Sub-Enjoyment Factor”

I dont know why I decided to do this but maybe you guys will get a kick out of this. I am completely guilty of this at times, believe me. But I have seen all these funny comics from peoples blogs, giving credit to CoolDude21, and figured that I should join them. Instead of stealing someones idea, I have decided to right a plain article that may or may not grab some attention.

Anyways, I know that being an OP, people tend to bug the crap out of you trying to ask for a recruiting and the such. God help all the GM and CM’s 😀 Regardless, I have seen many people waste away time staying online 24/7. I laugh at the fact that people do this, not to make a mockery of anyone by writing this blog. But just to let people know that WYD is just a game. Seriousness is good to an extent. But when you freak out over a loss of 5m gold or something like your life has ended is a little outrageous. Nonetheless, my point to get across to people is to get out and do something. Statistics say that 80% of the world is considered obese for their size. I can agree with these statistics due to the fact that I have family that waste away their lives playing World Of Warcraft. A cool game but nothing compared to WYD, MY OPINION.

Just do yourselves a favor and try to prevent yourselves from looking like this guy. 😆

Note* Im looking to do another interview with another player. If youare interested pease let me know and we can schedule it ASAP.



3 Responses to “Why WYD should be a “Sub-Enjoyment Factor””

  1. LOL I guess you are COMPLETELY right, some people just get REALLY carried away, they seem to forget that WYD is JUST A GAME, guys online games and stuff like that are the things which you do in your FREE TIME not your 24/7 activity, and that picture soloran posted really explains it, so my advise is to take some exercise, and never forget that WYD is just a gameeeeeeeeee.

    Nice one soloran ^^

  2. hey hey i see my name! hehe. thanks bro but its okay to do up comics or post pictures if you want to. i mean, just cos someone has done it before you doesnt mean u cant. (: dont feel guilty bout it. haha.

    yea i needa start studying for wed, thurs and friday paper zomgwtfbbq!


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