A man in need of PRAYER!

Okay guys, I dont know how this post is going to go and im just going to follow my heart. I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Some people may say that Christians are all hipocrites, (if i could spell the word). 😀

Well regardless, some may be, but others just slip away from the Lord as do a lot of people. Trust me guys, by writting this I expect a lot of criticizm, but give me the credit of writting it.

There is a point behind this post. My mom has come down with an illness. I just found out today that she has been diagnosed with cancer. Im not saying this for people to feel sorry for me. Rather, I strongly believe in the power of prayer, and would only wish for people to pray for my family that she would over come the cancer. We dont know much about it right now, because the doctors are still running tests on it.

But please, more than anything, I would give every lak in the world to know that my mom would be alright. Those who have lost a mother or a father would know how that feels. I could not imagine loosing my mother. Please, whatever religion you be, please just keep me and my mom in your prayers.

Thank you all for reading. It would mean the world to me if you were to just tell me in game that you are praying for me. To find out that your mom has cancer on your first day back to college while your at work is a lot to bare, and right now im just overwhelmed. So please,

Thank you all 😀


7 Responses to “A man in need of PRAYER!”

  1. me and behalf of the CM team will pray for your mom…. :
    hope she gets well soon.

  2. Soloran,

    I will pray for your mother and for your family. We hope your mom will get well soon.

  3. thank you very much. it means a lot to me, 😀

  4. MidnightBow Says:

    im christain and all, but i dont really beleive in god any more (not enough proff)

    but i still pray for ur mother’s recovery

  5. ty you guys, this all means so much. I wish there was a way that the word could be spread over WYD. I just feel prayer is the only thing that can help her now. My whole church is praying as I type.

  6. I just said a lil prayer for your mom. God is a God of healing. Be strong dude.

  7. soloran im here to let you know im here praying for mum’s well being as well. hope she gets well soon.


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