Interview with CM Dhar

I can stand by the statement as a proven fact that “You never know how lucky you are until something like this rolls your way”.

Okay, so I made that quote up, but its a good one nonetheless. 😀

Yesterday, I was given the utmost privledge of interviewing our very own Blog monitor and beloved CM “Dhar”!

I know what you are all thinking and I can assure you nothing  is coming between us as frienship. The guy is self centered and really didnt care much about what I had to ask. 😆

Regardless, the interview went on. 😀

JK, but I still love you Dhar. 😀

The interview actually went better than I thought, and me and Dhar really bonded and shared some great ideas about the future of WYD and JoyImpact©.

Q. 1 – So Dhar, how do you like being a person of stature in WYD.

Dhar – I just feel like a normal player. I enjoy being a CM to the fullest. But sometimes I ask myself, “Do I deserve this position; am I capable enough?” What do you think? Typical of me to ask that. 😀

Q. 2 – Being an employee of JoyImpact, do you ever find time to play as your own individual character?

Dhar – Yes I do, but being a CM doesnt require you to be online 24/7. (Char. name is disclosed info) 😀

Q. 3 – What’s the most rewarding feature of being a CM?

Dhar – Hmmm, you can talk to any player regardless of class, levels, and ingame status. Yoy can socialize at will regardless of formailities and stuff, also you are someone to look up to by gamers.

Q. 4 – What do you think about the roleplaying in WYD?

Do you feel it can be improved?

Dhar – In my opinion, it depends on the player. You know the roleplaying factor in MMO’s is the most forgotten factor off an MMO. Some people just “hack” and “slash” their way to the top.

Q. 5 – If not the roleplaying, than what do you think could make the game better? What do you think could get that extra touch?       ( I laughed at his response 😀 )

Dhar – Actually, WYD is a very small game compared to other MMO’s. However, it would be better if they included more news, new maps, new towns, new bosses to slay, new armours and weapon sets, AKI is screaming for a make-over. Typical player indeed, but what I want is new quests.

Q. 6 – If JoyImpact added a buddy list, do you feel that it could be the greatest update in WYD history?

Dhar – A buddy list would be nice, buddy & guild list. But I really dont get why they are legends up until now. lol 😀

Q. 7 – Tell our daily bloggers some words of advice to keep our viewers interested in the daily blog updates.

Dhar – As I said before, always keep your blogs updated and always keep the CM’s and GM’s interested.

Well Thank you for your time Dhar and goodluck viewing the numerous blogs.

Dhar – Haha, TY too, I enjoy reading blogs.

Though that may have been the end of the interview that was not it. Every time I end up getting summoned into the GM/CM sanctum, I am always gifted with a visit from our wonderful GM Loki.

Loki stuck around for about a minute tops, and greated both me and Dhar and took off to his busy schedule.

Again, thank you Dhar for taking the time to allow me to interview you. Keeping the hopes up of all bloggers in and out of the game.



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  1. Special Thanks to Dhar 😀

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