Interview with WYD’s favorite person!

I bet you can never guess who I decided to interview. . . . Yeah, didnt think so. πŸ˜€

Anyways, I had a fun time asking our very own Armia Cargo Gaurd a few questions about his daily life and the things he see going on around the area.

Here is how it went down:

Q. 1 – So how is it having to carry everyone’s crap in your pockets all day?

Cargo Gaurd ~ Well its not like people think. Having to carry everyone’s crap all day can get pretty exhausting. I mean, you try having about 200 million points of crap in your pockets.

Soloran ~ I’d rather not, but I bet people’s “crap” can get pretty steamy in those pockets of yours. πŸ˜€

Q. 2 – So what kind of stuff goes on behind the scenes that no one else sees?

Cargo Gaurd ~ Well if you mean stealing stuff, I never did anything. But IF your not talking about that, than a lot of yelling and screaming about some red scrolls is all.

Soloran ~ So your trying to tell me that my Fenrir jumped out of your pocket and ran off on its on? Hmmm, nevermind. πŸ˜€

Q. 3 – So than, how much do they pay you to hold onto other peoples “crap”.

Cargo Gaurd ~ Well I get payed a lot. I sell the things I ste. . . . *cough cough* NOTHING, I dont get payed anything.

Soloran ~ RIIGGHHT!

Q. 4 – Well if you dont get payed anything, how do you make a living.

Cargo Gaurd ~ Like I said before, I sell the things I . . . . . I LIVE WITH MY MOM!

Soloran ~ LOL, YOU LIVE WITH YOUR MO. . . well i guess thats cool.

Q. 5 – Well who is your mom.

Cargo Gaurd ~ Nell, she is pretty, No?

Soloran ~ YEAH, if you like leapord printed skinned beast women. LOL.

Q. 6 – So if Nell is your mom, than were are your spots?

Cargo Gaurd ~ They are under this armour that I . . . . BOUGHT OFF EBAY!!!

Soloran ~ Hmmm, okay than. Thank you for the little time we took in this interview. We would want you to lie, I mean weaste any more time that you could help holding someone elses, “crap.

Cargo Gaurd ~ Well thank you. Wanna buy a black market armour set half off.

Soloran ~ LOL πŸ˜€

Well thats all the time I had to interview this little thief. Just make sure you next time you trust this little scandal of his to check back on your stuff every hour or so, you might have lost some bread or chicken to his hunger. You know he lives with his mom. πŸ˜†


One Response to “Interview with WYD’s favorite person!”

  1. MidnightBow Says:

    lol, no wonder people say that they lose stuff, he steals them *watches him carefuly*

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