The Final Straw

I bout had it with the Cargo Gaurd still all my “CRAP”. It was my crap and not his and with him always thinking that he has all right to it. Well I finally grew the balls to put it up for investigation and the people I hired were no ordinary investigators. 😀

Yes, I hired scooby-doo and his gang. The best around and if anyone were to come up with an actual, logical culprit, it were these guys. Little to no time went by when they had called me up to let me know they came up with the person who had been stealing my things. Of course it was who I thought, but not for the reason I thought it for. Turns out, the Cargo Gaurd had ended up stealing things from people and selling them to pay for his mom’s (Nell) very own transormation into a leapord. She was keeping it secret for the longest time. Now with the secret out, she has no point in hiding her spots. Look hard enough guys and you will be able to see her spots and pointy ears. You guys think Im lieing, check her out for yourselves.

Of course, before the Cargo Gaurd was taken away, he had a little something to say.

Well, that was that. Now we dont have to worry about this guys stealing from us anymore. 😀

Thank you for reading my little trial with the Cargo Gaurd. 😀


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