Soloran’s New Acusation

Well guys, in my travels, they have been both boring at times and time fulfilling. I dont know how I stumbled upon the idea, but I kinda started my own bussiness in a way. Making millions of dollars. If you dont believe me ask the people shown in the SS.

If you guys must know, I’ll tell you my little secret and how I came upon it. I was walking down toward AKI when I seen a naked little nooblet, and kinda got the impression that he liked running around nude. Well I seen the attention the kid was getting from his, we’ll say “Male Body Part”. Nonetheless, the thought ran straight through my head and out the otherside. I thought it as a nuisence, but second guess my answer. So, I went searching, and found exactly what I was looking for.


They me be profound at times and made a mochery of, 😀 But they are my ManWhores. And I guess if you would choose to say so, I have become a “Pimpett” due to my character’s gender if you would.

So those walking the streets, pay carefull attention to those 4 guys waving you out. Trust me the only thing they’re interested in selling are “bagged goods”.

So if your looking to donate some gold to the (“Soloran’s Poor Person Fund©) than search out one of these 4 people for a good time. 😆

Special Thanks to:





Thank you guys 😀


2 Responses to “Soloran’s New Acusation”

  1. *cough COUGHH* ehhm what is this?? No offence rly but what is this? I dun get ur point lol

  2. ok ok, dont hate, just because you dont look as good as me to have guys like those to be working for you. 😀

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