What I Have Learned From This Blog.

Okay guys, everyone knows that by winning the grand prize everyday that you would be winning 15 million gold daily minimum. A lot of people Im sure are just doing this for the laks alone. Yes they are the main point of people blogging. Because without a daily prize, im sure that people wouldnt blog daily. Its kind of an unreasonable request to blog daily if there wasnt the daily prize. Nonetheless, there is always an important lesson in each event.

Thus, this months event has taught me both perseverence and determination. I know many players do this for the laks and I dont blame them one bit. However, I was also in it to help other people learn from my mistakes. I made many of them and wouldnt want someone else to do the same stupid things I did. I have been playing for nearly 2 years now and you wouldnt be able to tell. Reason being is because we used to have dial up internet and anyone out there knows that dial up doesnt cut it. So I put the game on hold and went on for my life, loosing all my knowledge about the game in the process. I was away from the game for a year tops and this game has grown a lot since last time i started.

This is the last week of the blogging event and it kinda just feels as though all us bloggers serve the same purpose in the game, making us all family. I have had a lot of people come up to me and just say “HI” and congratulate me on my blog.

So saying that, I would like to thank all my viewers and readers. Keep up the spirits and keep on keepin on. 😀


BTW: Blogging is not over, so I hope all my compitition doesnt stop posting. 😀


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