Every Bloggers Competition

LOL πŸ˜€

Thinking of writing this made me laugh a little bit because I tried to think of the reaction of the people who I both mention and dont mention. But I just felt led to write about the compitition every blogger faces going into the second season of WYD’s blogging event. Dhar mentioned that the compitition will be tougher. I dont imagine how it could be more tough than it already is. But Im sure Dhar has something up his sleeve. πŸ˜€

Here are some of the players and writers I find threatening to anyone who tries to start up a blog or continue their old one in the next season.

Cooldude21 & newbcake: It feels like these two have been at it forever with their comics. I would give credit to who ever started it, one of the two. But my memory slips me at the moment. Nonetheless, these two writers are two great competitors.

MSTR-Foema: He is a guildsmate of mine from SHIELD. (congrats on killing Kephra BTW). With his hilarious blogs about pissing of WYDians and the such, another great competitor.

Wickedness: Yet another guildsmate of mine. If me,wicked, and MSTR were to win a god weapon of our choice, it would make Shield a tad bit stronger no doubt. Either way, Wickedness has some of the most helpful blog entries I have read from anyone else’s blogs. Congrats πŸ˜€

Yu-Gi-Oh: If Im not mistaken I believe he is from the academy Global as a OP, a good one at that. Challenging to kill in Academy PK in Armia, nonetheless, has a great blog as well. He too has a lot of helpfull and truthfull blog entries along with Wicked. Good job.Β  πŸ˜€

There of course are a lot of other talented bloggers out there that have not had time or patience, (ME) πŸ˜€ to show their true talent. (speaking on lack of patience). However, those are the ones that have showed up and showed out in their blogging and made a name for themselves in the game. I too, barely being able to keep up with the comics and other blogs, have had a lot of players come up to me in game and congratulate me on my blog. Im sure that those mentioned have had the same thing done to them. So keep up the good work guys and girls. The blogs are looking great. πŸ˜€


3 Responses to “Every Bloggers Competition”

  1. You forgot another guildmate of yours whose one of the stronger competitor in the WYdians Journal… Alia wickedness in-game twin πŸ˜€

  2. Hey thanks for the compliment budd haha.

    Regarding the question ure asking me, i use MS Paint lol. Serious. I dont have Adobe Photoshop so, my editing is really just so so.

    hope i helped a lil.

  3. This post is just what im lookin for ryt now! =D
    Gratz to everyone! This event rox!

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