Welcome Back!

Hey guys, long time no see. This wont be considered my blog because its the first of the month and the blogging season 2 dont start until the 2nd. Feels like ages though since I have posted about anything. Been a bout a week I think. Too long if you ask me. Blogging actually made feel like I was part of the WYD staff because I was helping people out. Or atleast it felt like it. With the most hits than any other blog site, I feel as though people are taking some of the things I say to heart.

Anyways, just wanted to wish the old and the soon to come bloggers goodluck in the upcoming Season 2 blogging event.



One Response to “Welcome Back!”

  1. I forgot to tell u about gimp (www gimp org)
    its the best free graphics software, its almost like adobe photoshop

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