Things I Have Learned During Season 1 Pt. 2

Think Of The People You Could Be Helping Out.

There is an unlimited amount of knowledge to be given to people through blogging. Things that people wish to know about anything can be told in a blog just as well as they can by word of mouth. I tend to do just that in this blog here. But of course you need to catch your readers attention by eyecathers such as ScreenShots and things of the such. This will be both a combination of blogging help/tips and “Things I have Learned During Season 1”.

I know that I posted about this already but there is so much that I learned from season one that is worth passing down to other bloggers to where they dont make the same mistakes I did. 😀

1) Not to put anyone’s blog down, but the talet for blogging is not just given at birth 😀 It is something that must be worked on and the skill comes with practice. If you look at a lot of the blogs from last season, they have been worked on for an entire month. Thats a lot of time, not considering the 2 months ahead of us for the 2nd season. So the though is to never give up. Dont think your out of the race for a second just because you feel that you keep getting disqualified. It aint nothin but a “Thang” 😀

2) Something else I learned is about the CM’s. They are a friendly bunch of appointed WYD representatives and I can give it up to them for thier friendliness. Much better than the GM’s. That doesnt say much considering the fact CM dont have many responsibilities compared to those GM’s. GM’s are responsible for much more making their days tiresome and uncredited. Nonetheless, they get their job done. 😀

3) PATIENCE: A key vertue that is not found in many players, LOL. I learned the aspect of patience, working on a blog is not fun, but the self satisfaction of knowing that the blog is out there to help other people is the most rewarding part. So with this patience, keep the players who are reading your blog right now, reaping the full benefits from it. 😀

LOL, I thought there would be more but Im sure that after I publish this post that I’ll remember some more things that I might have learned from season 1. It was a fierce compitition no doubt, but Im looking forward to see the outcome of this 2nd season. Anticipation is already building up. 😀

Thanks To Everyone ^_^


One Response to “Things I Have Learned During Season 1 Pt. 2”

  1. heya bud i saw u spamming for SS taking yesterday but i was caught up with some other stuff therefore couldnt join you.

    but nice entry still x)

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