My Poker Chip Challenge!

I know what your thinking, gambling is bad for you. You get addicted and soon enough when you get too caught into, you end up nothing but a wooden barrel around you to keep people from laughing at your bare body and a stray dog licking away the fungus at your feet. 😆

Nonetheless, the topic has nothing to do with the Title. I was looking at my poker game for PS3 and saw the title and went with it. You know you guys would have done the same thing. LOL

Anyways, this is really considered gambling, for say. It is if you consider what I am about to tell you gambling, such as gambling my life away, LOL 😀

I was walking through our town when I ran into this guys. Never seen him before until now. The only thing he knows how to say is “The Tax is now *********” and so many digits. So as much as he continues to tell me this, I came up with an idea as I started walking away.

This is how it went down. 😀

Its funny I know, but dont think I got away over because People are still looking for me. Regardless of the fact that I stole the $190,000,000 my own stinking guild (SHIELD). 😀

I just hope that dumptires and -Carbuncle- take the news that all the taxes from that one town are gone for the time being. 😀

Not The End ^_^


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