What To Expect From This Blog In The Future

I know its only possible to win under one of the given topics but I figured that I might as well write about while Im at it. Might get people interested for my future blogs.

Anyways, everyone knows that I have started writting the commics like every other person, lol. Well I am most definately going to keep writting those. They are a lot of fun to write and even more fun to watch the reaction from the people reading them. 😀

I have also started a series of journey stories that I have been writting. Expect a lot more of those in the Blog.

I have also interviewed both the CM/GM before i past blogs. Expect a lot more interviews from me in the near future. Maybe this time GM Loki wont sneak up on us. 😀

With the Coming updates for the new mounts and upcoming events that the GM’s have been promising us for so long, There will be a lot more notices and topics about things such as this.

Everyone seems to believe that Im going to come out ontop of this blog event. Im not going to say I am and I am not going to say that I wont either, I dont know whats in the future. Thats why im writting this blog for those who want to know the future. 😀 If I could tell the future I would tell you guys all whats coming up in the future for the mount update. But Im just as excited as you guys.

Alright guys, Im hungry so Im gonna go kill one of my neighbors cows and eat that. Wish me luck that he dont shoot me. 😀

Happy Blogging


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