Applying That Little Bit of Edge to Your Blog

Whats up guys,

This is going to be an important blog post for those who are struggling a little bit on their blogs. If you feel that no one is looking into your blogs and not reading them than your probably right. 😀 You have to grab the attention of your readers in order for them to want to post and say something about it.

In this blog I will be able to demonstrate how to make banners of your own and resize pictures to fit in your blog and get rid of that bottom bar in your SS.

1. First off, everyone reading must go to and download the newest verson of the program. From there just download it to your desktop and I will expain further.

2. If downloaded correctly onto your desktop, than open it now and a black box should pop up in either full size or minimum size. Either way it will open up just fine. All you must do from here is open a picture from your choice and resize it.

3. After choosing your picture pull down the “image” tab and click on “Resize/Resample”. You can half the size the enhance graphics and lessen the pixle count on the picture. Once your resize it or what not, it will more than likely bring the image into a clipboard picture. From here you will not be able to uplaod the picture ito your blog because the blogging site you use whether it be wordpress or blogspot, it more than likely does not accept bmp. images.

4. From here, bring up another webpage and download one last file to convert your bmp. images to jpg. which will make it possible to put your newley formatted pictures into your blog. Go to: . . . . . .

When you get to the website simply click on “downloadfree” slightly below the top of the screen. Once downloaded to your desktop along with irfanview, open up the new window of the Easy Graphic Converter and Ill inform more in the next step.

5. Now this is the last step. After saving your picture from irfanview as you choose, open the Easy Graphic Converter and ADD the picture you converted into a smaller size. Click start at the bottom of the screen and after it has converted the pictures download the generated report so you can see the link of the picture. It should be under a file by the name of the converter. It is located un your C:| drive.

There is a lot more to learn about the system but I simply do not have the time to write about everything. However, if you look at my header, than you will see that my header was created with this system. Others may have more, less complicated ways, but I wanted to help you all out by sharing my knowledge about resizing images. 😀

*Hint, there are a lot of graphics that you can add to your picture. Just mess around with IrfanView for a while to find out all that you can do to your pictures. 😀





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