Soloran’s Journey Pt. 3

Hey guys, lemme tell you all something. You have never seen anything as wierd as what Im about to show you unless you been in my shoes for the day.

This is how my afternoob started the other day. I was out on one of my adventures for food again because as you all know, you cant go without eating unless you blow off one of your arms or legs and eat that, lol. šŸ˜€

Anyways, I was walking and stumbled upon the strangest towns. It was almost as if the town was a part of some strange desert. I dont remember how I got there but I did.

Now lemme tell ya I have never seen some of the wierd crap like I did while I was there. lol

However I did meat someone whom I did not expect to run into, MYSELF!

I had the hardest time catching him because he thought it would be funny if I chased him around.

(Literally the person who posed as my twin wouldnt lemme get a full screenshot so he doesnt know I got this. LOL :D)

I ran into a lot of other things such as my new best friend “NUBY”!

He didnt talk much, I thought maybe it was because he was missing his face, but there is no sure way to tell. I heard whispers behind me, thought it was him, but turned out that I had gas at the moment. šŸ˜€

I continued my search for food and water and come to find out, their well that they drink from is maybe 2 inches deep is that.


A Sand Watermelon šŸ˜€

I asked a few of the locals and they got a little hostile with me. I was about to do a replay of the whole killing the Cargo Gaurd incident but I didnt want to have to be chased out of another town again.

Later I found out that killing these people would have been the better choice for me. I probably wouldnt have lost a leg and I would not have had to regenerate my leg for the second time in the past 2 days. LOL

Nonetheless, loosing a leg actually benefited me to the best. I had my food and the little bit of water I took. Better them dieng of thirst than me. As I went to walk back to my home in Azran Field, I noticed a nice little building to my left. I glanced away for a second and the damn thing dissapeared. I dont know anything about whitchcraft, but I can garuntee you right now that the water I took was put back as soon as that building dissapeared. LOL

The End


Happy Blogging


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