Problems Concerning needed WYD updates!

As all of you know, there is much to be done to the game of WYDglobal to make it one of the best if not THE BEST MMORPG of the year. Its free to play, but there is so much to be done. Things will be discussed that can be added or altered to make things so much easier and making game play much more enjoyable.

Im going to paraphrase something from Dhar rather than quote it because I dont know where I heard it, but I know it was from one of the people who interviewed him. Nonetheless, what Dhar had said was that the game of WYD is one of the oldest MMORPG’s and yet, it is one of the only MMORPGs that does not have a buddy list.

Which brings me to my first concern about the game. Im mentioning this first because I strongly believe that if we were to have a buddy list, that gameplay would be much more fun and interesting. Both guilds and hunting parties would be much easier to obtain and control. Being able to tell who is online and in which server would be so beneficiary to the guild masters that it would make the jobs of the subleaders easier as well. Instead of having to waste shouts to get all online members of the guild to come to that one particular server would save loads of money. All one must do is go to that server that is says that person or group of people is on and kindly ask them to come to which ever server the guild is a citizen of. So much easier than shouting at all online members.

Something else that is agreed upon by many bloggers and dhar is that there should be another world. The current worlds consist of Armia, Azran, Noatun, Snowfield, and Erion. I think with the addition of another town along with a various amounts of monsters to choose from would highten the excitement of any player.

Dhar, I know your probably reading this, so please be sure that the GM read this blog. Im writting this  particularly for them to read. I have gathered much information about interviews and suggested additions to the game that people think would be more fun. Something you mentioned was a new set of armours. Everyone gets bored of the same thing when creating a new character. I cant say new skills because the staff has already added skills, however, they were only skills for the beastmaster. Something new for the Foema would be nice. Nonetheless, the same armour does get a little dule after a while. A full cutomization of armour would be nice. Such as adding jewls to the armour itself for various different stats. Instead of the normal 4 gems that we have already, there could be another 4 gems to be added that increase mana, hp, and things such as this. Like adding open slots on the armour for putting in new gems. Something that was discussed.

Now, this is not the least important thing, however, it would be a very big add on to the game as a whole. Dhar was just recently interviewed by Caligster if Im not mistaken when he was asked the question about future updates that he thinks are needed. He mentioned something about being able to customize your own individual character such as their skin tone, sex (male female), hair color, and basic clothing that is on the character when they have no armour equiped. Things like this to be added would be someone an individual instead of everyone looking the same. As of now, you have four choices, Beastmaster,Transknight,Foema, and Hunter. First two being the males and last two being the females. Distinguishing players by sex is hard when a man has a foema based on her MAP (magic attack power)

These are just a few things to be considered by the staff as add ons to the game as a whole. Attracting players would be much much easier if you had more appealing features such as the buddy list or full out player customizations.

Thank you all for reading and . . . . . . . . . .




2 Responses to “Problems Concerning needed WYD updates!”

  1. Crossing Fingers to the Developers XD!

  2. yes soloran you are sooooo right, WYD is a very good game which needs a LOT of work to be done, one of the major downside is that it is just the smallest game out there, look at ANY other game where the maps are MASSIVE ( won’t say silkroad so they won’t be frustrated 😛 ) also a buddy list is a crucial thing, I think the add gems to armor thing could be like diable which is really awesome, I think you guys try to take what makes the big games big and add it to wyd, hope the developers get to hear us @@

    Anyway soloran really well done

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