My Proposal

This here is no ordinary proposal. It might have caught your eye as a deal to be had between me and the readers, but in fact, I went around proposing to random people in game. The reaction I got was actually a little bit less than what I expected. Some, I didnt even get a reply to, and to those that I did get a reply to, well. . . . . . their answers were completely irrelevent to the question as you will see from the screen shots below. 😀

I guess you could say that after a while I kept on getting more and more desperate, but hey, what can I say. I havnt had any affection since I started playing this game. and the affection me or others do get from people, they are just playing around.

Here are some of the random people that I offered my life to in a marriage proposal. LOL

Okay Okay, so the relationship would have been a hard one if they had excepted. Actually, to be honest with you, they might not have accepted at all. But I had no other choice all the other actual players payed me no mind. LOL

I dont blame them though. If some random stranger came up to you and asked you to marry them, you would probably run away too. Well unless it was like Jessica Alba or Brad Pitt for you girls. LOL

Anyways, Im alone again. Better than being paired up with that golem. LOL





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