Symptoms of addiction to “WYD”

I would hate for anyone to get things confused. About this being any what related to the first suggested topic of the 3rd week. Okay, so it may have some similairity, but this is not to be counted toward the topic. I will be doing a follow up topic on it shortly after I finish posting about this one.

Now there are 3 fairly easy ways to tell whether you are addicted to ANY video game.

  • The first way to tell whether your addicted to a game is easily decided by how much time you spend on the computer. If you have a compter in your room, than thats awsome. Thats so many less steps you have to walk to get to your addiction in the morning.:D However, if you have a mini-fridge/microwave/mini-bake oven(LOL), than that is not awsome. having these items is an easy solution to your ever dreaded weight gain problem. But soon enough you will be looking like this guy, So I suggest you take it easy on the twinkies. 😀
  • The second way to tell whether or not your addicted to a video game is how much money you actually spend on that particular game. No matter how much the game and its company tell you that the game is free to play indefinitely, it never really is. You always have to fork out that little bit of extra money in order to gain that edge or to get farther in the game. 😀 So if your spending your entire pay check on a video game to gain that extra edge, or in other words, working to pay for your addiction like cigarettes, than Im sorry to say that you are screwed. 👿
  • The third and final way to tell if your as addicted as most people who get started are, is by telling and asking yourself how much time you actually spend sleeping near your computer. Now, statistics say that the average human being spends 1/3 of their lives, sleeping. I learned this in my psychology studies. Now unless your not human you have to spend roughly around 33% of your life asleep. Now it just all depends on whether you spend 10% or more of that time asleep on your keyboard while holding down the Z button while chatting. If so than you might kind of resemble this guy.Or this guy 😀

Or This guy 😀

So hear me out when I tell you these things bloggers. Playing video games is cool and everything, but to an extent of course. Spending your life savings on coins for some game that will prove you senseless in the long run is not worth. No im not trying to deprive the GMs of their money profits, lol. However, there does need to be a accountablility in people’s lives to try to not be a looser, lol. Take it from these guys, if they can tell you that you suck in life, than I think that you might want to step back and take a look at your life. 😀





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