Taking a “Dump” on the Compitition

This Terd Could be your Blog ^_^
This Terd Could be your Blog ^_^

Do both me and you a favor and dont ask how I came up with the title. Because if you did and I ended up telling you how, than you would probably stop reading my blog. 😀 Saying that, you now probably already know why and how I came up with the name of the title. If not than let me colaborate.

When your taking a dump, is it not true that when your finished there are rippled in the water from that dump you just took. 😀 I know its disgusting to think about but its a great analogy. Think of that “dump” as some of these blogs, and think of the water as some of the other blogs that are not up to date. The new and improved rules state that there will be 10 winners of the God weapon. Honestly I do not believe that I deserve to win as a lot of others do. However, there are a lot of time put into everyone of these blogs.

I this blog post, I am going to mention some terd blogs that are “Taking a “Dump” on their Compititon”. I will not mention the blogs who are getting dumped on, because I dont want to hurt any feelings and I am one of those people. lol 😀

The first person I would like to add to this blog is NurseOnDuty. With his very fascinating blog entries along with his comics that he has been submitting, will keep even the smallest attention spanned person occupied for hours. This will be the first pick of the prize for sure. Congrats on your blog and keep on keepin on man.

Here is a picture of his blog ^_^
Here is a picture of his blog ^_^

The second person I would like to add is newbcake. We didnt see a lot of him at the beginning of the 2nd part of the event like in the first one, but he has gained that little edge with the break he has taken to refresh his mind and gain some new ideas. Definitely a pick for the winners circle again. 😀

absolutely hilarious, where does he come up with this stuff. 😀

The third person I would like to add to the spot light it is kakorate18. He has come out of no where for the 2nd season but still proves to be a competition for the 2nd season. I dont think he plans on droping out of this race any time soon. But I think that we need to come up with some new topics for everyone to start talking about. 😆

I dont know if he created this picture but its pretty awsome.
I dont know if he created this picture but its pretty awsome.

Those are just 3 people who I think are taking a dump on the competition. There are 7 more to be chosen so I am not to decide the out come. We still have a while to go until the end of this thing. 😀





2 Responses to “Taking a “Dump” on the Compitition”

  1. There will no 10 winners of the monthly prize but shall i say there will be UP TO 10 WINNERS of the monthly prize.

  2. CM Dhar is beginning to scare me with those statements but thank you, I am glad you enjoy my blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog and congratulations on the win in season 1. Now if only I could win those weekly awards. XD

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