Dont let it run your life

Hey guys, as you know by now, I havnt been blogging much lately. There is a very good reason for it and trust me, my hopes of winning this months blog is not in my latest hopes in dreams. However, I am much more worried about my school work. I am involved in a school project to try and move our blocked schedualing from 4 days to 2 days. I attend a college so you know, its not a high school, lol. But that is not why im writting this blog.

I can honestly say that I am guilty of exactly this. I have spent days at a time and just stayed online. Not this game in particular, but there has been times to where I would completely skip a meal and stay online. I would be so preoccupied to where I wouldnt even know that I was hungry.

So I guess what Im saying to my readers, if I still have any from my long leave of absence, than I am saying to you to take a break. And no im not saying this so the compitition will sease to exist. Compitition is fun for a while, but seriously, if you spend days at a time. Take a break and enjoy it. Besides my schooling, I enjoyed the break I have taken. Oh and expect something from me for the topic of the week. Something will be coming ya”ll’s way. 😀





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