The Gossip WYDian (NPC)

Hey guys, I know everyone has been talking about the new patch which everyone is anxiously awaiting. So first off, I would like the GM, “Whats taking so long?” 😀

But I went ahead and went along with the Gossip wydian topic. The other one is open to pretty much everything so I figured I might as well go with something Im a little bit better with. Nonetheless, I went around to find some interesting NPC to interview and ask a few questions. Of course, none of them were much help except for the few little words that they spoke of in the interview. I will let you guys be the ones to depict what they mean.

The first NPC I decided to interview were Aki and Cargo Gaurd. They see the most action around these parts and figured they would be the ones to have the most information out of any NPC the game has to offer.

Now these were some peculiar characters when I asked the question, they looked at each other with the most dumbfounded expression in the world, so I wouldnt trust their answers for nothing. But you never know, the GM’s might have slipped in an answer to two into their dialogue, oh wait, they dont have any. 😀

The next group of chacters I ran into was the wholy trinity, and I was the one to offset their powers. They sit there in a triangle all day, so they might as well be called the trinity, lol. You know, “TRI” as in three. Okay nvm, I thougt it was funny 😀

Nonetheless, there information is a little bit more trustworthy than the cargo gaurd and his partner in crime, AKI. 😀

Now while walking back from the three of those, I turned to the left and noticed our friendly everyday dragon walking around by our Cargo Gaurd again, (which seems to be at every place possible if I may add) 😆

I figured him being a dragon, that I should compliment him so I can get on his good side, that way he doesnt bite my head off or anything. But, he didnt take it like I had hoped he would have, sooo. . . . . . . .

Thats about all I got for the updates in the patch with gossip and what not.

Stay Tuned for Interivews with OP/CM/GM for Gossip





One Response to “The Gossip WYDian (NPC)”

  1. hi soloran. I like the way you blog.. Keep it up, hope we become good friends. cough* cough*

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