Debate #6

Hot Topic

Hey everyone, thank you for joining in my debates, those who have been posting. Todays debate will be al about the Storyline of the game. I know bringing this up will bring up the question from many player,

Well why do you play the game than?”


I play the game in hopes of getting to be the best. Im far from it. But I hope to help a few people as I go.

My comment and answer to all this is that the story line is somewhat repetitive. Others will agree with this I know. I have had people tell me that they were quiting for another game because the storyline is nothing compared to other games. This I can agree with, but one thing that sets this game apart from others is the easy graphics and numerous add ons that other games dont have such as the Auto CC (AKA Auto Attack). Numerous things such as these keep me playing. It maks leveling easier, and ontop of that, other games only go up to level 100 and than you move onto other classes. It seems as though the game never ends which is a huge plus over other games.

Thats it for my comment, but please, do not feel that you have to be asked to comment on these blogs. CM’s are constantly watching this blog. Maybe your comment will be heard.     So dont hesitate!



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