Debate #9

Hello Fellow WYDians,

Welcome to yet another one of my Debates. I laugh at the fact that many dont look into these, but one day, one day I will rule the world, (Cough Cough). Sorry, I mean one day people will participate. 👿

None the less I will continue with the debates. You will find one of these interesting and one that relates to a situation in your WYD experience.

Todays Debate will be about Mount Ess that can both be bought and hunted in numerous places around WYD.

Many (including me) find it difficult to find decent hunting spot to where you can find ess for any mount nonetheless. The only ess i have found easy to obtain was wolf ess which can be found outside of the last town, (not SF) by the unicorn following the path north. Other than that Ess hunting is very difficult.

My opinion on the matter is that Fenrir ess and others should be easier to obtain. Its clear to me now that if you dont use Wcoins, than the game is much more difficult for you. the game should be more based around hunting rather than money and buying Wcoins. Everywhere you turn, people are auto selling wcoins. Wcoins sell at very expensie rates making it impossible for any mortal to purchase. It would just be nice to find a place to hunt at decent rates. This ess hunting bussinss, is no joke, people are always buying.


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