Interview with Bloodiest and Zephyr

Hello again Daily Bloggers,

I know how much attention was drawn to me In-Game so I decided to give the spot light and attention to a few random players I met at a Water (M) that didnt work out as planned. šŸ˜€

The interview was directed to Bloodiest and Zephyr, two great players whom you would be suprised at how long they have been playing šŸ˜†

These are the questions and answers in the Interview:

How long have you been playing WYD?

Bloodiest: “Approximately 2 weeks and I played SD for about 2 months.”

Xephyr: “3weeks tops.”

What do you like best about the God/Cele?

Bloodiest: “I like that you can use any weapon and you have more defense.”

Zephyr: “You can mix classes.”

Whats your favorite class?

Bloodiest: “Transknight”/MK

Zephyr: “Transknight”/ MK

What is your favorite skill?

Bloodiest: “Growth”

Zephyr: “Freeze Spiral”

What’s your favorite GM?

Bloodiest: “GM Loki”

Zephyr: “GM Nemesis”

Whats your favorite CM?

Bloodiest: “Dhar for his erraticism.” šŸ˜€

Zephyr: “Nyx for being a “BIG” Granny.”

What is your goal in WYD?

Bloodiest: “My goals are to get a bil so I can finance waters for my guild and to help noobs while helping higher lvls too.”

Zephyr: “To get a lot of friends and to make “Shield” the best guild in WYD.”

What can you say to all the mortals trying to get a God?

Bloodiest: “Save up your money and get better equipment so your god is better.”

Zephyr: “Dont rush on getting your god, get your char to 400, because it will be a pain in GW (Guild Wars).”

Again, Thank you both Bloodiest and Zephyr for taking the time to let me interview them. The spot light is on them.

If you would like to be interviewed than please post a comment with your character name and what time you are available and on what server and I will do my best to interview everyone.

Thank you all for reading.



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