Interview with -Ichimaru-

Hello again guys, todays interview was conducted with WYD’s very own blogger,


He acted like I was going to beat him, lol

-Ichimaru was asked the same qestions as the two from yesterday were asked. This is how the interview went.

How long have you been playing WYD?

-Ichimaru-: “I have been playing this for a year now.”

What do you like best about the Gods and Celestial Gods?

-Ichimaru-: “Soul of Course!”

What is your favorite class?

-Ichimaru-: “Hunters Rock!”

What is your favorite skill?

-Ichimaru-: “Rapid Hit, it’s so fun to use.”

Who is your favorite GM?

-Ichimaru-: Loki because I saw him first, cute bunny.

Who is your favorite CM?

-Ichimaru-: “Dhar, he always responds to me, plus the pink looks good on him.

What are your goals in WYD?

-Ichimaru-: “Establish good friendship and have fun.”

Say something to all the mortals trying to get to God.

-Ichimaru-: “Hmmmm, Good Luck and um, never say never.”

Well guys that concluded my interview with -Ichimaru-. Again, if anyone would like to be interviewed and posted on my blog than please dont hesitate to drop a line with all the info, consisting of your char name, time of log in, and the svr you will be in.

Thank you all for reading. 😀


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