Taking a “Dump” on the Compitition

Posted in 1 on September 19, 2008 by soloran
This Terd Could be your Blog ^_^
This Terd Could be your Blog ^_^

Do both me and you a favor and dont ask how I came up with the title. Because if you did and I ended up telling you how, than you would probably stop reading my blog. πŸ˜€ Saying that, you now probably already know why and how I came up with the name of the title. If not than let me colaborate.

When your taking a dump, is it not true that when your finished there are rippled in the water from that dump you just took. πŸ˜€ I know its disgusting to think about but its a great analogy. Think of that “dump” as some of these blogs, and think of the water as some of the other blogs that are not up to date. The new and improved rules state that there will be 10 winners of the God weapon. Honestly I do not believe that I deserve to win as a lot of others do. However, there are a lot of time put into everyone of these blogs.

I this blog post, I am going to mention some terd blogs that are “Taking a “Dump” on their Compititon”. I will not mention the blogs who are getting dumped on, because I dont want to hurt any feelings and I am one of those people. lol πŸ˜€

The first person I would like to add to this blog is NurseOnDuty. With his very fascinating blog entries along with his comics that he has been submitting, will keep even the smallest attention spanned person occupied for hours. This will be the first pick of the prize for sure. Congrats on your blog and keep on keepin on man.

Here is a picture of his blog ^_^
Here is a picture of his blog ^_^

The second person I would like to add is newbcake. We didnt see a lot of him at the beginning of the 2nd part of the event like in the first one, but he has gained that little edge with the break he has taken to refresh his mind and gain some new ideas. Definitely a pick for the winners circle again. πŸ˜€

absolutely hilarious, where does he come up with this stuff. πŸ˜€

The third person I would like to add to the spot light it is kakorate18. He has come out of no where for the 2nd season but still proves to be a competition for the 2nd season. I dont think he plans on droping out of this race any time soon. But I think that we need to come up with some new topics for everyone to start talking about. πŸ˜†

I dont know if he created this picture but its pretty awsome.
I dont know if he created this picture but its pretty awsome.

Those are just 3 people who I think are taking a dump on the competition. There are 7 more to be chosen so I am not to decide the out come. We still have a while to go until the end of this thing. πŸ˜€





Symptoms of addiction to “WYD”

Posted in 1 on September 18, 2008 by soloran

I would hate for anyone to get things confused. About this being any what related to the first suggested topic of the 3rd week. Okay, so it may have some similairity, but this is not to be counted toward the topic. I will be doing a follow up topic on it shortly after I finish posting about this one.

Now there are 3 fairly easy ways to tell whether you are addicted to ANY video game.

  • The first way to tell whether your addicted to a game is easily decided by how much time you spend on the computer. If you have a compter in your room, than thats awsome. Thats so many less steps you have to walk to get to your addiction in the morning.:D However, if you have a mini-fridge/microwave/mini-bake oven(LOL), than that is not awsome. having these items is an easy solution to your ever dreaded weight gain problem. But soon enough you will be looking like this guy, So I suggest you take it easy on the twinkies. πŸ˜€
  • The second way to tell whether or not your addicted to a video game is how much money you actually spend on that particular game. No matter how much the game and its company tell you that the game is free to play indefinitely, it never really is. You always have to fork out that little bit of extra money in order to gain that edge or to get farther in the game. πŸ˜€ So if your spending your entire pay check on a video game to gain that extra edge, or in other words, working to pay for your addiction like cigarettes, than Im sorry to say that you are screwed. πŸ‘Ώ
  • The third and final way to tell if your as addicted as most people who get started are, is by telling and asking yourself how much time you actually spend sleeping near your computer. Now, statistics say that the average human being spends 1/3 of their lives, sleeping. I learned this in my psychology studies. Now unless your not human you have to spend roughly around 33% of your life asleep. Now it just all depends on whether you spend 10% or more of that time asleep on your keyboard while holding down the Z button while chatting. If so than you might kind of resemble this guy.Or this guy πŸ˜€

Or This guy πŸ˜€

So hear me out when I tell you these things bloggers. Playing video games is cool and everything, but to an extent of course. Spending your life savings on coins for some game that will prove you senseless in the long run is not worth. No im not trying to deprive the GMs of their money profits, lol. However, there does need to be a accountablility in people’s lives to try to not be a looser, lol. Take it from these guys, if they can tell you that you suck in life, than I think that you might want to step back and take a look at your life. πŸ˜€




My Proposal

Posted in 1 on September 17, 2008 by soloran

This here is no ordinary proposal. It might have caught your eye as a deal to be had between me and the readers, but in fact, I went around proposing to random people in game. The reaction I got was actually a little bit less than what I expected. Some, I didnt even get a reply to, and to those that I did get a reply to, well. . . . . . their answers were completely irrelevent to the question as you will see from the screen shots below. πŸ˜€

I guess you could say that after a while I kept on getting more and more desperate, but hey, what can I say. I havnt had any affection since I started playing this game. and the affection me or others do get from people, they are just playing around.

Here are some of the random people that I offered my life to in a marriage proposal. LOL

Okay Okay, so the relationship would have been a hard one if they had excepted. Actually, to be honest with you, they might not have accepted at all. But I had no other choice all the other actual players payed me no mind. LOL

I dont blame them though. If some random stranger came up to you and asked you to marry them, you would probably run away too. Well unless it was like Jessica Alba or Brad Pitt for you girls. LOL

Anyways, Im alone again. Better than being paired up with that golem. LOL




Problems Concerning needed WYD updates!

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As all of you know, there is much to be done to the game of WYDglobal to make it one of the best if not THE BEST MMORPG of the year. Its free to play, but there is so much to be done. Things will be discussed that can be added or altered to make things so much easier and making game play much more enjoyable.

Im going to paraphrase something from Dhar rather than quote it because I dont know where I heard it, but I know it was from one of the people who interviewed him. Nonetheless, what Dhar had said was that the game of WYD is one of the oldest MMORPG’s and yet, it is one of the only MMORPGs that does not have a buddy list.

Which brings me to my first concern about the game. Im mentioning this first because I strongly believe that if we were to have a buddy list, that gameplay would be much more fun and interesting. Both guilds and hunting parties would be much easier to obtain and control. Being able to tell who is online and in which server would be so beneficiary to the guild masters that it would make the jobs of the subleaders easier as well. Instead of having to waste shouts to get all online members of the guild to come to that one particular server would save loads of money. All one must do is go to that server that is says that person or group of people is on and kindly ask them to come to which ever server the guild is a citizen of. So much easier than shouting at all online members.

Something else that is agreed upon by many bloggers and dhar is that there should be another world. The current worlds consist of Armia, Azran, Noatun, Snowfield, and Erion. I think with the addition of another town along with a various amounts of monsters to choose from would highten the excitement of any player.

Dhar, I know your probably reading this, so please be sure that the GM read this blog. Im writting thisΒ  particularly for them to read. I have gathered much information about interviews and suggested additions to the game that people think would be more fun. Something you mentioned was a new set of armours. Everyone gets bored of the same thing when creating a new character. I cant say new skills because the staff has already added skills, however, they were only skills for the beastmaster. Something new for the Foema would be nice. Nonetheless, the same armour does get a little dule after a while. A full cutomization of armour would be nice. Such as adding jewls to the armour itself for various different stats. Instead of the normal 4 gems that we have already, there could be another 4 gems to be added that increase mana, hp, and things such as this. Like adding open slots on the armour for putting in new gems. Something that was discussed.

Now, this is not the least important thing, however, it would be a very big add on to the game as a whole. Dhar was just recently interviewed by Caligster if Im not mistaken when he was asked the question about future updates that he thinks are needed. He mentioned something about being able to customize your own individual character such as their skin tone, sex (male female), hair color, and basic clothing that is on the character when they have no armour equiped. Things like this to be added would be someone an individual instead of everyone looking the same. As of now, you have four choices, Beastmaster,Transknight,Foema, and Hunter. First two being the males and last two being the females. Distinguishing players by sex is hard when a man has a foema based on her MAP (magic attack power)

These are just a few things to be considered by the staff as add ons to the game as a whole. Attracting players would be much much easier if you had more appealing features such as the buddy list or full out player customizations.

Thank you all for reading and . . . . . . . . . .



Soloran’s Journey Pt. 4

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This is going to turn into more of a blog for things that have struck me as wierd rather than my journey, lol. Anyways, I had planned on staying home and playing video games with my smilidon but had second thoughts and decided to just to take a stroll and go searching for some food and water. LOL

Lemme tell ya, if this wasnt a game and I actually played the role as my character, I would probably crap my pants at some of the things I have been encountering lately. Buildings dissapearing, and the such. But I met this guy who’s name was dirtbike478, (I dont claim his as my brother). I have never met someone to change from a human for to the very thing I hunt while AFK. Nonetheless, I started talking to him about some issues on the game and he dissapeared just like that building. Come to find out the stinking fire golem was him but. . . . . . .well, need i say more.

I dont know how he did it, but it was by far the strangest things I have ever seen.

Now fellow readers, what I am about to tell you is not for the faint hearted. I was told that by some chance, praying to the hands of god would by a miracle grant you an ultimate wealth. Well, I was broke already, so what did I have to loose. Besides my legs πŸ˜€

Well I will go ahead and tell ya that it wasnt infinite wealth that I got, it was infinite knowledge, because I guarantee you that I wont be praying to those hands again. I thought maybe it was some kind of punishment, but than I saw others walking on their knees as well. The difference between me and them is that I can regenerate my lost limbs if you guys. So unfortunate for them, they will end up dieing πŸ‘Ώ

With the pain in my butt from regenerating my legs, I needed something to help with the pain. My little stalker, kept on following me and decided to keep a look out for me while i snagged a potion to help with the pain.

A guy stopped me from what I was doing, I dont think I was too worried about it. If you realized what his name was, you would probably laugh about it like i did. πŸ˜€

LOL, I really do wish my name was the same as his, having the word lion can only mean one thing. πŸ˜€

The day was late and I think I had gotten myself into enough trouble. It was time for me to find a place to crash for the day. I watch someone that looked like superman walk into a small little shack in the back town. I think he might have been “Hiding” but I had to find someone where to stay. πŸ˜€

Before the night ended, my stupid smilidon had run off. I didnt know what to do until I over heard someone talking about a unicorn that was always outside of town. So I approached him about becoming one of my mounts. I dont think it went over to well. πŸ˜†

The End


Happy Blogging

Soloran’s Journey Pt. 3

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Hey guys, lemme tell you all something. You have never seen anything as wierd as what Im about to show you unless you been in my shoes for the day.

This is how my afternoob started the other day. I was out on one of my adventures for food again because as you all know, you cant go without eating unless you blow off one of your arms or legs and eat that, lol. πŸ˜€

Anyways, I was walking and stumbled upon the strangest towns. It was almost as if the town was a part of some strange desert. I dont remember how I got there but I did.

Now lemme tell ya I have never seen some of the wierd crap like I did while I was there. lol

However I did meat someone whom I did not expect to run into, MYSELF!

I had the hardest time catching him because he thought it would be funny if I chased him around.

(Literally the person who posed as my twin wouldnt lemme get a full screenshot so he doesnt know I got this. LOL :D)

I ran into a lot of other things such as my new best friend “NUBY”!

He didnt talk much, I thought maybe it was because he was missing his face, but there is no sure way to tell. I heard whispers behind me, thought it was him, but turned out that I had gas at the moment. πŸ˜€

I continued my search for food and water and come to find out, their well that they drink from is maybe 2 inches deep is that.


A Sand Watermelon πŸ˜€

I asked a few of the locals and they got a little hostile with me. I was about to do a replay of the whole killing the Cargo Gaurd incident but I didnt want to have to be chased out of another town again.

Later I found out that killing these people would have been the better choice for me. I probably wouldnt have lost a leg and I would not have had to regenerate my leg for the second time in the past 2 days. LOL

Nonetheless, loosing a leg actually benefited me to the best. I had my food and the little bit of water I took. Better them dieng of thirst than me. As I went to walk back to my home in Azran Field, I noticed a nice little building to my left. I glanced away for a second and the damn thing dissapeared. I dont know anything about whitchcraft, but I can garuntee you right now that the water I took was put back as soon as that building dissapeared. LOL

The End


Happy Blogging

Transetion From a God into a Celestial

Posted in 1 on September 12, 2008 by soloran

Hey guys, normally if I end up doing a helpful guide, I will do it for beginners. But this time, Im going to help the Gods who are looking for a Ideal Stone right now and dont want to spend 120 dollars on one.

I was stunned by the fact at how hard they are to make, but of course it would take patience.

*NOTE: You are not garunteed success of creating a God Stone every time you try your luck. Nor me or this guide will be held accountable for any unsuccessful attempts. πŸ˜€

Anyways, I was looking into the situation the other day and noticed that you have to have the runewords in order to combine the runes and make that certain stone. Its a complicated matter but after making the ideal stone, you will probably be tempted to sell it and try again to make another one. πŸ˜€

Along with the four stones, you will also need a Sephiroth based on the type of character you wish to change into. The third thing you will need is the eternal stone. How you go about obtaining the 2 pieces, I have no freakin clue. I have not even gotten that far. Let me know if someone knows how to obtain the 2 pieces of the eternal Stone. So number from the 1st thing you need to the last, here is what you need to turn into a Cele.

1. Eternal Stone

2. Sephiroth of your choice

3. Sun Stone (Runes needed to make)

4. Earth Stone (Runes needed to make)

5. Water Stone (Runes needed to make)

6. Wind Stone (Runes needed to make)

Here are the stone names and the runewords needed to make that stone follow after the stone name: πŸ˜€

Sun Stone: Ansuz, Elhaz, Gebo, Mannaz, Raidho, Sowilo, Tiwaz

Earth Stone: Dagaz, Fehu, Henaz, Naudhiz, Sowilo, Thurisaz, Raidho

Water Stone: Berkano, Ehwaz, Jara, Raidho, Sowilo, Uraz, Wunjo

Wind Stone: Ehwaz, Hegalez, Ing, Isa, Laguz, Othel, Pethro

Those are the runewords for the Stones, now go out and find those stones. Im sure that when you find the stones, you will realize that Kephra must be dead. Along with Kephra having to be dead, you must also have a Locked Seal in order to get into Kephra’s Hall. Using a Locked Seal will allow you into Kephra’s Hall a total of 100 times.

Thank you for rading this guide, I hope that by reading it, you will achieve the ultimate power that the quests say you will obtain after transetion.