The Journey of a Mortal Pt. 1

The Journey of a Mortal Pt. 1

BY: Soloran (Last name is Unknown)


In a land of Peace and Harmony, where kings and wizards ruled the lands for ages, there lived a Lowly mortal by the name of Soloran. Growing up, he knew nothing other than fighting and war. His once peaceful lands were ravaged by bloodlusting Generals that thrive for destruction.His family that he once held so dear in his life, was killed in a fire caused by these brute of beasts. Therefore, he sat out on a quest to learn the ways of the Wizard and win his revenge he holds oh so close to his heart.

Weak and frail from his travels, barely alive, he stumbles into some unknown place. As the town squire greats him into the town speaking clearing, almost in a deafening voice, into his right say saying,

“Welcome to the Town of Armia. The place of Tranquility and Honor, where no man shall boast with confidence!”

Lifting his head up, he stares into the man’s eyes and agrees with himself that this place is indeed a place of Tranquility.

The man Says again Swiftly, “You will find your common fore trainers through out the town, which are indeed the best trainers anywhere around. You too will find your very own shop with weapons of anyone’s liking. There is a Town Pub down the street where you can liven up and get more refreshed before exploring the town.”

And as the young boy stood on his own two feet, his eyes widened with amazement to see people among people screaming out numbers to the appropriate bidders. People bidding on items that no man has laid eyes on. Warriors with many of years under their belts of experience in the field. Warriors who undoubtedly have fought their fair share of wars within these lands. He stopped thinking for a minute, it’s people like him who have kept these lands cleansed for so long.

As he continued down the road, he found the pub sign hanging over the bustling town streets that read in some sort of gibberish language from some far away land


He ran through the doors with hopes of a fresh bath and new cloths. Rest assured, he recieved just that; along with a full meal for his weary travels. As he sat in the pub snacking on what seemed like crackers, but turned out to be leavend bread from which had to have been made ages ago, he spotted a strange figure sitting in the back. As he continues eating, the figure grew closer in an almost shadowy response. Soloran grew more and more cautious as the man drew near. He spoke with a deep intent voice;

“Would your name happen to be Soloran?”

Soloran, scared out of his wits and aimlessly suspicious of this man, he replies;

“Yes? What bussiness would you have with a lowly mortal such as myself?”

The Man replies back;

“My name is Barnabus, I am one of the four trainers known to this land through my extensive skills in and out of combat. Word has it that you have come from a far away land, burned and obscured through the utmost evil from the brute known to the lands of Azran.

“Yes, how do you know these thins?

Barnabus replies back;

Us Trainers bear the gift of foresight. It is a heavy burden to know the future of what is to come. Though I am gifted with such a talent, we have grown to learn how to use this skill to benefit those who call this place “HOME”.

“So Again my questions stands. What business have you got with someone such as myself?”

With the most humbling voice, Barnabus repeats;

“I have come to help you seek your revenge you hold so dear and close to your heart. You are the last of your kind, I know this. Therefore, I would seek your revenge with you in your trials as you become a “Foema” of Armia.”

Before Soloran has the chance to reply back to Barnabus, his mind is clouded with the thoughts of his burning home. Nothing less has run through his mind than the thought of seeking revenge over the death of his parents.

“Yes, I would like to seek your aid in my travels.”

-To be Continued-

Before Closing this thread I would like to make one thing known to all who may be reading this now.

Though this story may seem to take place as “wickedness’s” story has, I would love to give him/her full credibility to all that he/she may write in his/her’s story. Rest assured, this story that I will be writing will have nothing of the similar nature wickedness’ will. I have always loved to write as my major does require many hourly credits of English writing.Therefore, Im hoping that I will be able to continue with my story as wickedness will.

Thank you for your understanding.



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