The Journey of a Mortal Pt. 2

The Journey of a Mortal Pt.2

BY: Soloran (Last name is Unknown)


The next morning, both Soloran and Barnabus are found on the outskirts of town training on both technique and power. Because Soloran doesnt know as much as he would like at the moment, Barnabus hands Soloran and dagger.

“What the hell am I supposed to do with this. Surely this is for use of making a meal, not saving someones life or even my own nonetheless.” said soloran.

Barnabus replied sharply, “Do not patranize me and my weapons. This is no ordinary weapon. A slave knive, use by many beginners in their training process. This is what you will use, if you feel as though you are better, than you will find you another trainer.”

“No this will do just fine.”

While thinking to himself, Soloran begins to walk out into the wilderness along side Barnabus. Walking on many paths, they stumble upon what looked like a dog from a far.

“There it is, this is were you will be training for your first session.” said Barnabus in a whispers trying not to alarm the gremlin.

“But surely this will be a cake walk. I mean how badly could something like that hurt me considering how small it is?”

As Soloran walked closer and got lower to the ground, trying to level himself to the gremlin, he notices a flame in the sky. As he turns to look at Barnabus, he looses track of the Gremlin. In his return to the field, he notices the gremlin is gone, So he though. Turning to his side, he sees the gremlin no less the 4 feet away from him with blunt club in his right hand and poched on his left as though on all fours.

With a sudden whack to the head, Soloran realizes this is no game. The pain he had just felt was nothing compared to the pain his parents had to endure. The thoughts came rushing back like a mad bull.

Stabbing and pumeling the gremlin into oblivion, his thoughts and anger begin to take over. Beating the Gremlin to a pulp, Barnabus grabs Solorans hand, takes the knive away from him. With the blood of his enemy on his clothes, and tears running down his face, Barnabus says,

“Very Good, feelings are going to help you further your training. If you could use your anger and thoughts of your parents agony in your fighting, you will no doubt become a “Foema of Armia”. However, with this intense training, you will learn the way of the wizard and learn to harnase the ability of magic. Thus giving an unbelievable amount of power. Do you still wish to follow in my teachings?”

“Yes I do” said soloran

As both Soloran and Barnabus head back to town, Soloran takes one last look at the gremlin laying on the ground behind him.


” Yes Soloran, I believe you will. ” stated Barnabus.

~To Be Continues~


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