~*The Number Game*~

Okay guys, Im gonna do my own little WYD event. Its un-accounted for other than in this blog, and no one is made to enter. However, I have tried and tried to get more people to look into the blogs of all the players and no one seems to get interested unless they are the ones doing blogs. Only to check their compitition from time to time. Well, I am going to do my own gambling game. Its not really gambling for say, but a win-win situation for those who enter. You will be able to pick up on some valuable information on my blog as well as entering for a chance to win a lak and a ori powder. Whoever, comes closer to the number I pick will win both prizes. There will be a second place prize of course.

Here are the rules:

1.You may only enter one number between 1~1000, and once that number is entered, you may not withdraw it. The person closest to the correct number will win. If a Guessed number is exactly right, that person will win 2 Laks and 1 Ori.

2. You may not pick a number following directly after another players number. This is not the Price-is-Right. 😀

3. You must put your online char name along with what time you are available after you entered guess.

4. After submitting your guess, you must read and post on one blog on my particular website.

The rules are as simple as that. And for as little as 3 minutes of your time, you could be the next person to win 1 Lak and 1 Ori.

Prizes Are As Follows:

1st Place: 1 Lak & 1 Ori Powder

2nd Place: 10 Random Quest Tickets

3rd Place: 5 Random Quest Tickets

Again thank you all for reading. Once there are a minimum of 5 entries in a minimum of 3 days, I will announce the winners. So please check in daily to see if you are one of the three winners.


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